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The advantages of the
“Éolia” system

eolia system


At DécouvAIRte-Éole, we are proud to highlight the many advantages of our Éolia system. Our innovation is based on a unique combination of wind and solar energy, providing significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Here are some of these benefits :

24/7 production

2.6 to 3 times more profitable than a 1 MW wind turbine

(cost/effective production ratio).

Minimal footprint

(100 to 200 m2).

Very low visual pollution

(height 20 to 30 m).

Carbon footprint

(12.7 gCO2eq/KWh).

Substantially reduces electrical lines and poles

Produces hydrogen with electricity produced during off-peak hours


The advantages of the DécouvAIRte Éole quasi-continuous energy production system Refusals and obstacles among the French population





The rejection. In fact, wind power is no longer
accepted by the population, and no more than by certain politicians.

Wind power pollutes and destroys our landscapes.

The installation of wind turbines considerably reduces the property value of nearby houses.

Concealment in visual space.
Integration into landscapes, incorporation.

The visual and sound impacts are real. The
hills are dotted with wind turbines which destroy the countryside.

Energy autonomy.
Profitability - 80% of the electricity produced
is consumed.

Losses of almost 80% of production. We only consume 20 to 30% of the electricity produced.

Substantial reduction in power cables as well as electrical poles.

We have a very sharp increase in energy prices (petrol diesel fuels) as well as electricity. (+ 10% in August 2023.

Reduced installation costs.

Self-consumption of electricity - fuel
(hydrogen). We fill up with fuel, at his place of residence, (and not 15 or 20 km away = consumption, pollution, destruction of

All electric is unrealistic, demagogue, and blind.

Profitability 2.6 to 3 times more profitable than a
standard wind turbine.

Today the electric motor is the way
easy and economically profitable technique
for the automotive industry.

Where electricity is produced, we also produce the fuel of tomorrow (hydrogen). A new clean and renewable ecology.

In the next 10 years, hydrogen will be the fuel for our means of transport.

Political blindness to all-electric is a lure for all French people, which will end up as with the “diesel” that we gave us the ideal fuel, which we must now banish;

Energy autonomy is a response to the growing demand for clean and renewable energy (very low CO2 emissions). A means of producing Energy acceptable and acceptable to all… and what’s more, it’s economical.

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