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The different stages of the "machine"

the patent


We are delighted to announce that our innovation has been officially recognized and protected by an invention patent issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property on October 8, 2021.

decouvairte eole eolienne xavier coulon

digital wind tunnel studies, machine optimization phases


Each phase of our project is carefully planned and executed with cutting-edge digital technology to maximize our efficiency and impact.

We use cutting-edge software to design every component of our machine, taking into account wind flow, sunlight capture, and weather resistance. This allows us to visualize each part in detail, optimize performance and anticipate possible manufacturing problems.

the manufacture of the machine


Guided by digital design plans, our manufacturing team springs into action. Each component, each part, each element of our machine is manufactured with unparalleled precision. Through digitalization, we can maintain consistency of quality at every stage of the process.


installation of the machine in our environment


To help visualize the harmonious integration of our “machine” into the environment, we created captivating computer-generated images. These images show you how our innovation fits perfectly into the landscape, while producing clean energy. Here is an overview of this visual achievement :

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